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Fire Ant Home Remedies Aren't Always Effective In Spring Branch

September 15, 2022 - Ants

Are you someone who enjoys a good home remedy? Some people really like solving their own problems and the feeling of accomplishment it brings. If this is you, great! We love people who take initiative. However, we don’t love when people try to solve problems and either get hurt or find no success. Today we will discuss different home remedies for fire ants and everything you need to know about these pests in Spring Branch. If you are more interested in professional pest control in Spring Branch, call Hill Country Pest Solutions. Our team will help you identify the extent of your property's fire ant problems and will offer some simple strategies to give these pests the boot.

When Are Fire Ants The Most Active?

Fire ants live up to their name in more than one way. Not only do these pests have painful stings that cause a burning sensation, but they also love it when it is hot outdoors. More specifically, fire ants love it when temperatures are between 72 and 96 degrees. In most states, you are most likely to find these pests actively moving around your property during summer and early fall. Seeing that we live in Texas and that temperatures don’t drop below 70 degrees till late September, fire ants are typically active almost year-round. Even when the temperatures do get cold, fire ants turn from yard pests into house pests to stay warm. If your home does not have the proper protection this winter, you might find these harmful insects indoors.

Fire Ant Mounds: What To Do If You Spot Them

Do you have a fire ant mound in your yard? If you don’t know how to identify fire ants or their mounds, we recommend looking at the ants first. Adult members are ⅛ to ⅜” long and are dark reddish brown with darker colored abdomens. A fire ant mound does not have a central hole but instead has several entrance and exit points around its base. Unlike many other local types of ants, fire ants have multiple queens. This allows colonies to become expansive. If you do nothing to address a newly formed infestation in your yard, problems will grow out of hand quickly.

Why Home Remedies For Fire Ants Don't Work

The same thing that allows fire ants in Spring Branch to breed rapidly is the same thing that makes them nearly impossible to treat with DIY. The only way to eliminate a colony is to eliminate every queen. Without proper training and access to commercial-grade products, this is an incredibly difficult task. In addition to this, many store-bought pesticides for fire ants are toxic. When used improperly, these can cause people and pets to get sick. Our goal is to provide high-quality and safe fire ant treatments in Spring Branch so that homeowners like you can easily deal with these painful insects.

Getting Rid Of Fire Ants In Your Spring Branch Lawn

There has never been a better time to invest in fire ant control. As we are heading towards winter, these pests will start looking for nearby homes to invade. We would like to help you keep these pests out of your living areas and deal with existing nests on your property. All you have to do is let one of our technicians pay your Spring Branch property a visit. They will perform a detailed inspection and offer some simple solutions to control these painful pests.

Call today and learn more about our fire ant control. We will answer any questions you have and help you schedule an appointment for your Spring Branch home and property.

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