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Pest Spotlight: How To Handle House Spiders In Spring Branch

October 15, 2022 - Spiders

Just when you think you don’t have a spider problem in your home, you do. Whether you’re the type that will use an entire can of bug spray on a single spider or if you’re the type who prefers the “squashing” method, none of these methods can handle a spider infestation. 

If you’re finding spiders in your Spring Branch home, the main question that needs answering is why spiders are in your Spring Branch home.

The thing to understand about spiders is that they primarily live outside and enjoy being outdoors. The biggest reason you have spiders in your home is that you have other bugs in your house that they prey upon. Spiders are simply coming into your home to eat. However, it’s also understandable that you aren’t running an “all-you-can-eat” buffet for spiders.

When spiders start to outweigh your cans of bug spray or your squashing methods, call your local Spring Branch pest control experts.

What Kind Of Spiders Live In Spring Branch? 

There are many species of Texas spiders, but the good news is that only a handful of common spiders reside in Spring Branch. Unfortunately, a lot of them like to make your home their home. Some of the types of spiders you can expect to see in your Spring Branch home include:

  • Brown Recluse: These spiders are typically light brown or yellowish in color and best identified by their dark violin-shaped mark on their dorsum.
  • Orb Weaver: Orb weavers are most easily identified by their large, circular webs. They are usually reddish-brown or gray, but can also be brightly colored. 
  • Cellar Spider: Cellar spiders have oval-shaped bodies, usually light brown, gray, or pale yellow, with long, thin legs.

If you encounter any of these common household spiders, especially brown recluse spiders, call Hill Country Pest Solutions. 

The Dangers Associated With House Spiders Left Untreated

You may find many household spiders around your home every now and then. Though most of these creepy crawlers are typically harmless to humans, that doesn’t mean you want to welcome them with open arms. 

When spiders are on your property, it’s not always bad, as they’re helpful in getting rid of other pests. However, if spiders are inside your house, you need to determine their points of entry. Not only does the potential for getting bitten increase, but the likelihood of an infestation increases as well, making them harder to rid from your home. 

Natural Ways To Repel Spiders In Spring Branch

Some spiders serve as natural bug repellents by eating other bugs, but sometimes spiders themselves can become pests to your home and garden. Here are a few ways to keep spiders away from your home: 

  • Weatherstrip your doors and windows.
  • Plant bushes away from your home.
  • Seal any small cracks or openings in your home.
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Turn off your porch lights at night or use yellow bulbs.

These methods can work if you don’t have a spider problem and you’re preventing them from entering your home. Call Hill Country Pest Solutions if you have an active spider problem. 

Total Spider Control For Your Home Or Business

Hill Country Pest Solutions provides Spring Branch with quality pest control services. We understand the stress and frustration that comes with spiders in your home, which is why we keep all of our technicians up to date on the latest treatments and techniques to provide the best possible service and care.

Call Hill Country Pest Solutions today to schedule your commercial or residential services.

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