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The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Spring Branch Home

January 15, 2023 - Spiders

Spiders are predatory arachnids with eight legs that commonly enter homes and create silky webs. In nature, spiders use their hunting skills in a way that benefits the environment by reducing the population of many troublesome pests. 

How long do spiders live for usually? A report in Smithsonian Magazine stated that a spider in Australia lived for 43 years. This “trapdoor” spider species (Gaius villosus) belonging to the Idiopidae family is a rarity, as the majority of spiders live much shorter life spans. Many of the spiders that invade homes live only for one to two years. Some tarantulas will live more than 20 years.  

Are you wondering how to get rid of spiders in your house? Consider speaking with a local pest control professional when experiencing invasions involving spiders. A licensed Spring Branch pest control professional maintains the tools to oust these and other types of pests efficiently.

Common Species Of Spiders Found In Spring Branch

There are a variety of small and large spiders in Texas that invade homes. Some of the most common types that enter homes include cellar spiders, orb weaver spiders, and brown recluse spiders. 

Some Spiders Are More Dangerous Than Others

Despite their reputation, the majority of spider species pose minimal risks to human health. In this region, the brown recluse spider is among the types capable of delivering a venomous bite that may harm humans. The body of the brown recluse appears yellowish-brown, and the species has a unique dark brown marking that people often describe as “violin-like.” 

Another potentially harmful species is the black widow spider. The body of a black widow is dark and shiny with a reddish or orange marking on its belly. Based on the possible health risks associated with the brown recluse and black widow spiders, avoid intentionally handling these pests. Are you wondering how to get rid of spiders safely? Pest control is your best bet.

Six Environmentally Friendly Spider Prevention Tips 

Many property owners in Spring Branch need to be aware of the best strategies for preventing spiders from entering their homes. Consider the following tips: 

  1. Keep kitchen areas clean, as food sources will attract many types of insects that spiders consume.
  2. Place all trash bags containing food scraps in a receptacle with a functional lid that will limit access. 
  3. Limit unnecessary clutter, particularly in storage areas where spiders often hide. 
  4. Repair or replace damaged window screens and install sweeps along exterior doors that might allow entry.
  5. Look for cracks or other openings around the base of the structure that might allow access and fill them with a weather-resistant caulk or sealant.
  6. Limit the use of bright lights at night near exterior doors, as they often attract types of flying insects that spiders eat. 

Although many of the prevention strategies prove effective, contacting a local pest control professional is the best option for existing pest-related problems.  

Professional Pest Control Makes For The Best Spider Control

With more than 20 years of success operating in the residential and commercial pest control industry, the local experts with Hill Country Pest Solutions understand the behavior of the types of spiders found in homes and know the best ways to keep spiders away from the property. After receiving your call, one of our local professionals will coordinate an onsite inspection. During this investigative process, we will identify what might be attracting spiders inside and detect the likely points of entry. 

Did you know that Hill Country Pest Solutions is a full-service provider of pest control solutions that will also assist local property owners with ants, cockroaches, rodents, and many other undesirable types of invading creatures? 

Contact our team for more information. Remember to ask about our year-round residential pest control plans that feature bi-monthly treatment visits from a properly qualified technician.

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